Print Media Fabrics

Print media fabric is one of the preferred options available for eco-friendly and sustainable advertising. Our media fabrics offers maximum environmental compliance in order to achieve responsible promotions and advertising.
Nova products are free for PVC and recyclable properties which makes it a clear choice and definite winner against the polluting media like PVC flex and banners.
Keeping in mind the environmental requirements we use 100% pure polyester and cotton material to develop our products. All our print media fabrics are produced under controlled manufacturing processes and are perfectly layered with non-toxic prime which allows bright vibrant colors to be printed in no time. Our fabrics provide value for money as well as doesn’t leave any hazardous pollution or recycling challenges presented by flex. Also, being lighter to flex it reduces the transportation cost to a huge extent. Our fabric does provide excellent resistivity to weather and hence delivers protracted life to the campaign.
Our print media fabric range is developed to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the signage industry and offers green solutions to society. These fabrics allows use of diverse ink range like Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex & UV to offer unmatched print results, a variety of textures and ultimate performance.
Quality and Consistency is a prime motive of ours. And to achieve this, each and every fabric of ours undergoes stringent testing in our manufacturing processes. Therefore, Nova Print Media Fabric offers the best alternative for eliminating the use of pollution causing plastic materials like flex & vinyl in the commercial printing sector to help India build a more sustainable eco-system.

Our Product Range:


Backlit Fabrics

Features And Applications

  • White Translucent substrate for small and wide format back-lit display
  • Applicable for both solvent digital printing and color vinyl application
  • More clear and visible image creation by low transmittance
  • Option of Special coating treated for digital printing with high transmittancy
  • No showing yarns by lower transmittancy, especially used for light box
  • Billboard, airport light box, subway stations, train and bus shelters and etc.
  • Anti-dirty and easy to wash in water
  • Weather resistant (UV , rain, fungi and frost)
  • Waterproof



Features And Applications

  • White opaque substrate for front-lit display
  • Soft and delicate surface
  • Billboard, airport light box, subway stations, train and bus shelters and etc.
  • Various choice of color white, snow white, yellow, red, green, blue, black, and etc.
  • Billboard, building murals and banners and in-store display
  • Matte & glossy available
  • Weather Resistant


Block-Out Fabrics

Features And Applications

  • White opaque substrate for both sides display
  • Newly designed & improved for delicate printability
  • Softer surface and more delicate surface
  • Billboard, banners building murals and in-store display
  • Weather resistant

PVC free Projection Screen

PVC free Projection Fabrics

Ecoview is PVC free, and is made of 100% polyester yarn. Ecoview offers a pleasant image with accurate color balance over a full 180° field. Reasonable control of ambient light is recommended. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.

Surface Characteristics:

  • Front Projection Material
  • Clean with feather duster
  • Composition: Polyester Weave
  • This material does NOT reach half gain.