Outdoor Fabrics

Our Outdoor Fabrics are extensively used in the clothing and equipment of extreme outdoor enthusiasts. Fabrics are available in different colours and weave as per the latest market trends. From plain rip-stops to complex dobby designs, the fabrics can be designed based on the specific needs with special finishes and coatings like Polyurethane, Fluorocarbon, Down Proof and Breathable to provide the comfort and performance required at the same time.

Backpack Fabrics


For the light weight, water resistant, durable, abrasion resistant fabrics of backpacks and luggage, even those of a military caliber, Nova fabrics is right choice.

High Altitude Fabrics

High Altitude

Waterproof, windproof and breathable: Nova coated fabrics provide excellent protection against foul weather conditions, in water tightness and water vapour resistance, thanks to a high-performance PU coating..

Rainwear Fabrics

By combining our textile and chemical expertise we provide water proof fabrics that are coated with Polyurethanes(PU), Silicones etc. Our fabrics are made from Polyester and Nylon with breathable coatings allowing moisture management and hence adding comfort to the wearer. These fabrics have special finishes of Durable WR and can withstand several washes.

Sleeping bags

sleeping bags

A sleeping bag is an insulated covering for a person, essentially a lightweight quilt that can be closed with a zipper or similar means to form a tube, which functions as lightweight, portable bedding in situations where a person is sleeping outdoors while camping,. We provide a range of shell and lining fabrics giving a blend of comfort with high performance and durability to sleeping bags. Our breathable fabrics with high tear strength and abrasion resistance makes them perfect choice for all seasons sleeping bags. Our fabrics are down proof, Anti-microbial and mosquito repellent finished.


tent 2

Nova tents have beautiful aesthetics; extended resistance to damaging UV rays, mold and mildew; exceptional abrasion resistance during set-up and take down; proprietary technology to protect against pinholes; ease of cleaning; versatility from translucent to total blackout; inherent flame retardancy; enhanced return on investment; and reduced total cost of ownership.