Zebra Blind Fabric

Nova is the first company to produce Roller fabrics in India.


Zebra Blind Fabric

The zebra blinds fabric manufacturer considers providing good quality zebra blinds products to our customers so that the client will get satisfaction as they want. Our priority is to provide the best product to our customers. Zebra blinds fabric wholesale in India are making a product of good quality so that we can fulfil our customer needs. Fabrics with horizontal segments alternating between sheer & semi-opaque with dual layers parallel to each other. When the sheer band of fabric is aligned with each other, zebra blinds fabric manufacturer.

Parallel a blurred view through will be feasible, light filters through the sheer fabric. When an opaque band of fabric is aligned with each other parallel light is diffused for light filtering shades, for room darkening shades light is blocked and the view through is blocked, light filters through the sheer fabric when the shade is partially raised or lowered. Curtains are a part of wind shield decoration for your home. Fabric of this relaxing zebra blinds add an elegance to the style and elegance of your interiors by selecting the best material for their products. Zebra blinds fabric with Korean technology come in a variety of sizes and colours so that they can cater to all the doors and windows of your house making them elegant to look.